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Home, Condo & Renters Insurance

Whether you own or rent, your home is one of your biggest assets and it needs to be protected properly. One of the most common consumers mistakes are that insurance policies are over insured or under insured making the customer pay more for in necessary coverage or have a financial loss in the event of a claim.

Our exclusive home property program will provide you with the right coverage and the best of all, the price you can afford. By selecting the right home insurance in Nevada will not only help you be insured properly but will also help lower your mortgage payment.

We offer an additional transfer discount for current homeowners or renters who are trying to lower their insurance cost.

Rest assure that our Superior Agents will evaluate and compare your insurance needs with the top companies in the market. Saving you money is part of our commitment.

How to save money on Home insurance?

It’s very simple!

  • Deal with an independent agency who can provide you with multiple offers
  • Setup your policy with automation under a paperless environment (email correspondence)
  • Automatic payment deduction or Paid in full
  • Electronically sign your policy
  • Install a burglar alarm that is connected to a central station
  • Shop early to get an additional 5% advance discount
  • Bundle your home insurance with any other insurance policy (auto, motorcycle, business, etc.)
  • Ask for a list of applicable discounts and ensure you receive the ones you qualify for

Discounts we offer:

  • Advance Discount (early bird shopping)
  • Continuous Prior Insurance Discount
  • Accredited Builder Discount
  • Age of dwelling Discount
  • Package Policy Discount
  • E-sign Discount
  • Paperless Discount
  • Secured Subdivision
  • New Purchase Discount
  • Paid in Full Discount
  • Non Smoking Discount
  • Months Owner Occupied Discount
  • Fire Protection Discount
  • Deductible Discount

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